Model Home Cleaning & Maintenance

Special Services

Carpet Cleaning
We provide all types all of carpet cleaning for all types of carpets. You never need to worry about your carpets not being dry before a model opens.

Pressure Washing
We offer pressure washing services to keep your model exteriors and flat-work walkways clean and free of bugs, cobwebs, and general debris. ( Ideal to have window washers set up after pressure wash.)

Window Cleaning
Our professionals window cleaners will keep all windows bright and sparkling. We will set a customized schedule once a month or as requested for special events.

Model Cleaning

Schedule Model Cleaning
Let us set up a program for 2 to 3 times of service in a week. To help us maintain the cleanliness and upkeep inside your models.

Scheduled Sales Trailer Cleaning
Either it is a sales trailer before the Gand opening of a new community or a Trailer seperate from the models leave it to us to maintain the cleaning needs on a proper program.

Scheduled Const. Trailer Cleaning
We can also include the construction trailer in a custom cleaning program. 1 or two times a week.

Model Maintenance

We can provide a complete supply of toiletry items such as toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap, air freshener and seat covers.

Air Filter Replacement
We can also set up a program to have your air filters replaced semi- annually to help with dust control your model homes.

Light Bulb Replacement
We can take care of the lighting maintenance in your model home with a program to replace bulbs weekly or as needed. (Battery replacement in smoke detectors as needed)